While you’re busy getting your home ready for the holiday guests and decorations, you may simply forget about an important part of holiday preparation- area rug cleaning! It’s a given that you want to make your friends and family feel welcome in your home, but did you know that the allergens and bacteria lurking in your rugs could potentially make them sick?

People often believe that their rugs are so delicate that they fear cleaning the rug will ruin the cozy texture and look of the material. So, they trade the cleanliness of the material for the comfort of knowing that their fabrics are safe.

Fortunately, with a professional area rug cleaning at Jeff’s Chem-Dry in Tulsa, OK, you can get the best of both worlds! We take area rug cleaning seriously and treat all fabrics with care. With us, your area rugs will get a gentle clean that eliminates bacteria while restoring your rugs back to their original beauty!

Still not convinced? Here are 4 reasons why you should have your area rugs professionally cleaned before this holiday season!

Top Reasons to Get Your Area Rug Cleaned Before the Holidays

1. Refresh the Unique Artistry of Your Rug

Over the years, area rugs accumulate large amounts of dirt and contaminants especially if they’re in rooms with a lot of foot traffic. Luckily, a professional area rug cleaning can get rid of these unpleasant stains and smells while restoring your rug to its original unique color and feel.

2. Have a Healthier Home

When area rugs get polluted with bacteria, allergens, and dust, their particles get released into the air. As your family, friends, and pets are lounging on your rug or even just walking on it, they can inhale these contaminant particles. At Jeff’s Chem-Dry, we can improve the air quality of your home by removing these contaminants with an area rug cleaning. We recommend getting an area rug cleaning if you want your holiday guests to stay healthy and safe in your home!

3. Prevent Future Stains

Perhaps you are considering waiting until after the holiday season to get your area rugs cleaned. Well, there’s a significant benefit to getting them cleaned before all your guests come over! When used with your area rug cleaning, Chem-Dry Stain Protectant protects your area rug against the spills and stains that will happen during this season, making your rug more resilient and long-lasting!

4. Save Money

We know area rugs are often a financial investment, but their price is worth the unique look they bring into your home! With the soiling that happens to your area rugs over the holidays, you may be tempted to just replace your rugs at the end of the holidays. Instead, get your rugs cleaned beforehand! You will save more money in the long run by getting your area rug cleaned now instead of replacing it later!

Professional Area Rug Cleaning in Tulsa, OK

At Jeff’s Chem-Dry, we can help relieve some of the holiday stress with our professional area rug cleaning! With us, you can make your home a healthier place for your family and make your area rugs look like new!. We use equipment designed specifically for area rug cleaning, and we always clean with care. You can trust Jeff’s Chem-Dry to handle anything from rugs, upholstery, carpet, and even tile- just take a look at our reviews!