Keep your carpet and upholstery cleaner longer with our protectants

red stain removal services in san franciscoWhy Do You Need Chem-Dry Protectants™?

Many carpets already come with a pre-applied stain protectant. However, with regular wear and tear, factory-applied stain resistants become less effective.

That’s why we created Chem-Dry Protectants™! These products make your carpets and upholstery more stain resistant, protecting them against future spills and soils. Jeff’s Chem-Dry can apply these protectants during a carpet or upholstery cleaning.

PowerGuard Protectant™

Chem-Dry’s PowerGuard Protectant™ is loaded with acid-dye resistors to provide excellent stain resistance. PowerGuard is an outstanding guard for polyester and olefin carpets, thanks to its special polymer base. Furthermore, lab testing proved that when combined with The Natural®, it surpasses all other protectants available on the market!

Repel Protectant™

Chem-Dry Repel Protectant™ repels most liquids, so you can wipe up spills before stains even occur. Repel Protectant™ can be applied to all types of carpets as it forms a molecular shield around each carpet fiber. This shield increases the surface tension of the carpet fibers, causing them to repel liquid spills, dust, and dirt. This prevents dirt and stains from being ground in or absorbed by the carpet fiber.

Wool Protectant™

Chem-Dry Wool Protectant™ is a fluorocarbon, water-based product specifically designed to enhance soil and stain repellency for wool carpets and rugs. Wool Protectant creates an invisible barrier around each fiber of your carpet or rug, meaning almost any spill can be tidied up before it has a chance to stain. Thanks to this protectant, you won’t need to worry about spills ruining your wool products – they will stay clean and look great for much longer!