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Learn what makes Chem-Dry carpet cleaning a better choice than steam cleaners in Tulsa

Compare the Difference

Steam cleaning might seem like the perfect solution to revive your carpets—just pour in hot, soapy water and extract it all back out. But here’s the catch: steam cleaning leaves carpets soaking wet, taking a full 1-2 days to dry. This prolonged dampness creates a haven for mold and mildew to thrive! While you might enjoy the temporary cleanliness, your carpets will soon fall back into a dirty state. Thankfully, there are better options out there!

chem-dry vs steam cleaning

The Carbonated Carpet Cleaner®

Jeff’s Chem-Dry carpet cleaning in Tulsa uses the power of carbonation to clean carpets. Our non-toxic cleaner is applied to your carpets and uses millions of microscopic carbonated bubbles (instead of tons of water) to bring dirt and stains to your carpet’s surface. After that, we use special equipment to whisk this dirt away. With our carbonated cleaning method, we’re able to use less water than steam cleaners, which is why your carpets dry in only 1-2 hours!

Watch the video above to learn more about steam cleaning vs. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning. 

The Real Difference Between Chem-Dry and Steam Cleaning

Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning

  • Low water usage
  • Low pressure application
  • Short drying time (1-2 hours)
  • Leaves no sticky or dirt-attracting residue
  • Carbonating, active cleaning solution
  • Neutral pH cleaning solution
  • Resists resoiling (stains don’t reappear!

Steam Cleaning

  • Excessive water usage
  • High pressure application
  • Long drying times (1-2 days)
  • Harsh chemicals
  • Flat, inactive cleaning solution
  • High pH cleaning solution
  • Encourages resoiling (causes reappearing stains)
Had our carpets cleaned today and they look great! Dry time was very quick and not as wet as steam cleaning! Very happy with the results!
Susan F.

With our unique carpet cleaning method, we’re able to use less water than other carpet cleaners in Tulsa. That’s why Jeff’s Chem-Dry is the trusted carpet cleaner in Tulsa and surrounding areas!