Although there are many DIY tile, grout, and stone cleaning solutions that seem easy and effective, sometimes these methods are not as great as they seem! Certain areas of your home like the bathroom or kitchen tile should be deep cleaned by trained professionals. 

Normally, tile and stone are placed in areas of your home that you use daily. And although these surfaces are durable, they are susceptible to frequent spills and accidents, making them a breeding ground for bacteria, allergens, and contaminants. Because of this, tile and stone surfaces lose their original shine and begin to look dirty and dingy over time.  

DIY solutions may temporarily help the appearance of dirty tile, but they don’t fully eliminate the bacteria hiding in the porous surfaces. That’s just one of the reasons why you need a professional cleaning from Jeff’s Chem-Dry the professional tile cleaners in Tulsa. Keep reading to learn more about why to let an expert clean your tile, stone, and grout!

1. Save Time 

Scrubbing your tile takes time and it can be difficult to clean on your hands and knees. Unfortunately, elbow grease only goes so far! Professional tile cleaners have specialized equipment and cleaning solutions that are specifically created to clean quickly and effectively. Don’t waste time scrubbing your tile and grout when you could just have a professional do it for you!

2. Save Money 

Professional tile, stone, and grout cleaners in Tulsa rely on powerful equipment and solutions that are exclusively available to businesses in the cleaning industry. These are more effective than the store-bought or DIY methods that the general public has access to.

While purchasing store-bought products or making them yourself may initially seem cheaper than using a professional tile cleaner in Tulsa, you may end up using and buying these products more frequently because they are less effective. 

With a tile cleaning expert, you get a long-lasting, deep, and effective clean that extends the life of your tile, grout, and stone, and makes them look like new. Our powerful equipment works wonders and you won’t have to clean these surfaces as frequently. In fact, we recommend getting your tile, grout, and stone surfaces professionally cleaned 1-2 times a year. This regular cleaning will make your tile look better, and it won’t break your budget!

Plus, at Jeff’s Chem-Dry, we have cleaning coupons that will save you money on your tile cleaning!

3. Remove Stubborn Dirt, Grime, and Bacteria

If you have cement-based grout or textured tile or stone, you have probably noticed that it is very porous and easily accumulates dirt, grime, and bacteria.  Simply scrubbing your grout or tile with a toothbrush or hard-bristled cleaning brush won’t eliminate these contaminants that are embedded deep into the pores of the tile. 

Professional tile cleaners have solutions strong enough to eliminate bacteria that are stuck deep in the pores and surface of the tile and grout. Tile cleaning experts can even remove sticky residue on tile that is impossible to remove with mopping or scrubbing. 

4. Protect Your Surfaces With Resealant 

When tile or stone is first installed in your home, it often comes with pre-applied sealant. Unfortunately, this sealant wears out over time and makes it easier for bacteria to enter into the pores of the tile or stone. When you choose Jeff’s Chem-Dry tile cleaning in Tulsa, we use a protective sealant after our cleaning process to reseal your grout and shield it against bacteria and dirt. 

5. Makes Your Home Healthier 

Did you know that the indoor air of your homes can be more polluted than outdoor air? Allergens, bacteria, and dirt adhere to just about any surface, including your tile, stone, and grout. These contaminants weaken the air quality and can worsen your allergies and asthma. Our tile cleaning service in Tulsa is proven to remove 98.6% of bacteria from tile, stone, and grout

How Frequently Should I Have Experts Clean My Stone, Tile, and Grout?

It’s recommended to get your tile, stone, and grout cleaned 1-2 times per year. If you have children or pets in your home, it may be wise to get it cleaned more frequently to help ensure that your living space is clean and healthy for these little ones. 

With Jeff’s Chem-Dry’s expert grout and tile cleaning in Tulsa, you can make your home healthier and safer for your family, friends, and pets. Plus, your tile will look unbelievably cleaner and shinier!

For professional tile, stone, and grout cleaning in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, call Jeff’s Chem-Dry! 

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