Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) Floor Cleaning

VCT Floor Cleaning in Tulsa, Ok and the Surrounding Area

Vinyl Composition Tile

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) is a very common type of tile flooring used in commercial and business spaces like grocery stores, hospitals, schools, lobbies, restaurants, and more. While VCT is strong and designed to hold up over time, a lot of wear and tear can dirty the flooring and wear down the wax quickly. The wax coating protects the tile underneath, so if all of the wax wears off, the tile will suffer. This is why VCT cleaning is necessary to guarantee that your business flooring remains in proper condition!

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VCT Cleaning Benefits

If you’re unsure about hiring a VCT cleaning company in Tulsa, we assure you it is worth it! Jeff’s Chem-Dry VCT cleaning actually improves your floors appearance, is less hazardous, removes harmful contaminants, and helps your floors last longer. Any business facility requires proper cleaning and maintenance, and VCT cleaning is a necessary cleaning procedure for some spaces.

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How VCT Stripping and Waxing Works

Jeff’s Chem-Dry can help restore your VCT floors to their original luster and make your flooring last for many more years to come. We have the knowledge, equipment, and power to offer VCT stripping and waxing services all throughout Tulsa and the surrounding areas. Here’s how our process works:

First, we strip the old wax off the floor. We remove any scratches or nicks, and thoroughly clean away any dirt, or stains. Next, we apply new finishing coats to your tile and seal the freshly cleaned floors. The finish is a protective layer that not only makes your tile look great, but also protects the tile from being exposed to dirt and stains.

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The task of stripping VCT flooring of an old finish, wax, and dirt, and then applying coats of new floor finish can be a very labor-intensive task. But, when the task is performed correctly, your VCT floors will shine like never before. Our VCT floor cleaning in Tulsa will boost your business appearance and make a great first impression on the customers and clients who visit your business space!

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